How to Find a Unique Name for Your Business

Startup naming tips

Do you have a unique business idea? Are you planning a startup? Wait, have you picked a name for your startup?

A unique business idea is a primary ladder for planning a startup. The execution phase initiates with brand identity. Your business name is the identity of your startup. It is your venture’s face that will put the first impression to your audience. Naming your venture demands time, patience, and efforts like what it takes cooking a delicious recipe.

Few things to keep in mind while naming a startup: –

Keep it short and sweet

We are living in a digital age. A business should have its digital identity to drive endless leads against the competition. So, it is recommended to keep a startup name short and sweet.

It is easy for people to remember a short-term than a complex/long word. It reduces the risk of typosquatting that saves organic leads online.

Secondly, various social media sites have bounded people with limited username count. A lengthy startup name (12-15+ characters) will need to shorten your brand name on social media that will somehow affect your branding strategy. So, always think of short words while naming your startup.

Avoid branded terms

Most startups practice a poor strategy while naming a business. They use an established brand name in their venture’s name. A guy named “Mike Rowe” from Canada launched a site “Mike Rowe Soft” that quite resembled Microsoft.

The IT tycoon, Microsoft had filed a case against that guy and won the case under the act of cybersquatting. Be wise to ensure no future disputes because of Brand squatting.

Here are the 5 best tips for finding a unique name for your startup: –


Brainstorm your idea and pick out few keywords

Startup naming tips
Startup naming tips

The first step in naming a business starts with brainstorming ideas. Think about your business type, its purpose, and what kind of message you are trying to throw to the people/customers. Dig out few keywords for creating a unique brand name.

If you are struggling to find best and catchy keywords, then take your competitors as a reference. It will help in selecting best keywords for making a crispy Startup name.

Your brand name is your venture’s identity, not a service, keep it unique (avoid Startup naming based on product/service domain). It will limit your venture’s growth. Keep Google, Yahoo, and The Verge as an inspiration while brainstorming ideas.”

Play with keywords for making a unique name

Business Name Suggestions
Business Name Suggestions

Once you finalized your primary keywords, then head towards domain/business name planning. Start searching synonyms for your selected keywords.

Also, you can combine two or more words to make a unique and catchy brand name. For example, Face+Book=Facebook, Pin+Interest=Pinterest etc.

To make your task easier use free online keyword combinator tools like, etc.

These tools will throw various keyword combinations for your selected key terms. It will save you enough time and help in better decision-making.

Remember your startup name is your business identity. It should be catchy, crispy,  short and sweet.

Everyone loves and adores creativity. Start shuffling the keywords for introducing a fresh and catchy term to the world. “

Research selected terms on the internet  

Shortlisting few brand names for your startup does not end up your task. Conduct a research about shortlisted business names on the internet and look whether someone has already registered a business using the same business name.

USA startups can check trademarks at Similarly, you should conduct a country based trademark search. If it is already registered, then start hunting new business name for your Startup.


Research your keyword on domain name provider sites like Godaddy, Bigrock etc to check the availability of .com or a country TLD extension for your business keyword. It will save you enough time.

Prefer .com extension for ultimate branding. In case, it is unavailable then either contact the domain owner to acquire it or continue your name research. will help you find leads to the domain owner. Search the domain name in whois database, it will provide the contact details of the domain owner. Approach to the owner and shoot an irresistible deal.

Domain Owner details provider
Domain Owner details provider

If you are targeting a short name (single word or under eight characters), then explore auction sites like to bid and grab the desired domain.

Domain auction website
Domain auction website

If the desired domain is unavailable and the owner’s proposal is out of your pocket reach then do not lose hope. Still, you can grab a specific keyword based business domain name.

Use to growth hack quick domain leads. This growth hacking tool will throw up to 5000 available .com domain suggestions featuring the desired term. It will save manual exercise and help in fast decision-making.

.com Domain name suggestor

Similar to the domain name, social profiles offer usernames to business/people. Quickly grab your identity on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest etc before someone else. Use to check the username availability on 500+ social sites.

Social Username finder
Social Username finder

Lion is by birth Lion; no one can be a Lion. So, launch your business with a unique name, avoid making things complicated using another’s brand name.”


Giveaway or Naming Contest

Plan a giveaway or naming contest online and let people throw suggestions to you. Sites like and provide a platform to people/company to make a naming contest gig.

Name contest organising website
Naming contest organising website

A common man is the most powerful and intelligent person of the society. Let them suggest the best name for your company.”

Startup Name Suggestion consultancy

Naming a Startup is a hard job because you’re branding and reputation building is directly proportional to it. At Siya Tech Ventures, we provide Startup Consultancy to entrepreneurs. Our digital industry dominators will brainstorm ideas and prepare a crispy startup name for your business.

We have served our consultancy to Keraiz, an upcoming wholesale eCommerce company. Also, we cooked a creepy tagline “Trend that never ends” for them. Feel free to communicate with us.


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